What Is Design Build?

Design/Build Services

Not sure what Design/Build is?  Never heard of it?  Let us explain.

Design/Build, D-B or D/B is a project delivery system used in the construction industry.  It is a method to produce a complete and seamless project, in which the design and the construction work is sourced through a single entity.  Builders and contractors who are qualified to perform Design/Build construction, will generally advertise their services to include “Design/Build”, and work with you throughout all phases of the project, providing a single point of contact from start to finish.

A Design/Build contractor may work with their in house design staff, or in conjunction with a design professional, architect or engineer.  Varying project size and elements will require different levels of design experience, and the design team should be matched to the details and complexity of the project.

In addition to providing the design work, the contractor can also produce progressive cost estimates at each step of the design process, keeping the owner updated on the cost of a project while it is being designed – instead of after the design is completed.  With a climate of ever changing material and labor costs – designing to a budget, with “real time” contractor budget updates, minimizes the cost and re-design time delay risks to the project owner by ensuring that the design work does not exceed the target budget limits. It can even reduce the delivery schedule of the project by overlapping the design phase and the construction phase of a project.

The Design/Build process provides countless benefits for the homeowner via the right builder/remodeler who has substantial experience in both the design and construction fields.  The client & builder work together as a team to create a mutually beneficial solution to…..who does the design?….. and who builds the project?  Not all builders are equipped to perform design / build work, so ask for references and examples of this type of building arrangement before going down this path with any building or remodeling contractor.