Ground Breaking for an Accessibility Project in Pittsburgh

we recognize it isn’t easy. It is our goal that once construction is done, we were able to ease this family’s day-to-day challenges and bring more functionality-and fun-into their home.”
Earlier this week, the Prime 1 Builders team broke ground on a special project-one that will give a family the ability to care for their disabled child for years to come.

When this family’s son was born in 2009, his life expectancy was in question, but through one miracle after another and the love and care of his parents, he is achieving milestones that indicate he will be inspiring those around him for many years to come. There are still challenges this family will face, the biggest is the need to have assistance in lifting him and providing wheelchair access throughout the home. This is why the couple sought out assistance from Accessible Dreams, a non-profit dedicated to providing barrier-free home solutions for persons with disabilities.

“We’ve always done accessible projects and recognize that each family’s needs are different,” says Dan Meade, president of Prime 1 Builders. “For this particular project, we focused on making the home more functional-not just for their son, but also for the entire family.”

Some of the features to make the home barrier-free include adding wheelchair ramp access to the home and modifying thresholds between rooms. The first-floor powder room will also be fully accessible-with wider doorways, accessible fixtures(sink, toilet) and a wide turning radius appropriate for a wheelchair.

The family is also adding onto their home to accommodate their son’s growing needs. The addition will have an elevator and his bedroom will have access to a second-floor deck. A bathroom specific to the boy’s needs will be equipped with a no-threshold shower and lift bathtub. There will also be a lift system from the bedroom to the bathroom to aid in getting him between the rooms. Another bedroom will be converted into a therapy room.

“We are so pleased to be a part of this project,” notes Dan. “Disabled children need so much from us-our love and our attention and