Prime 1 Builders Log Raising Next Week

May 24, 2018

New Log Home Build Starting May 29, 2018 Greetings from Prime 1 Builders, Your Western Pennsylvania Timberhaven Log Homes Representative We are having a log raising beginning next week. The foundation is complete and we are starting the actual building of the log home structure next week, beginning May 29, in Mt Pleasant PA. The log home is a Timberhaven Liberty plan with 6″x8″ Premium Kiln Dried Engineered logs, with a Mortise and Tenon corner design. If you ever wanted to see the actual process of the building of a log home, please plan to stop by our project location…

The Rising Costs of New Home Construction Materials

May 19, 2018


    The costs of materials used in new home construction are rising, thanks to a few key factors including U.S. tariffs, Canadian rail delays and hurricane rebuilding efforts. Let’s take a closer look at each of those factors. Lumber tariffs from Canada In November 2017, a 20.83% tariff on shipments of softwood lumber from Canada was imposed – a move that is impacting the cost of single-family new home construction. The United States does not produce enough lumber to meet demand, and builders rely on the Canadian supply of softwood lumber to fulfill needs. “The prices on softwood lumber…

4 Key Factors that Affect Home Construction Costs

April 2, 2018


  “What are the factors that affect home construction costs?” is a question we get a lot from potential clients. While there are dozens of items to consider when building a home, those that affect the cost of building a home can generally be divided into four main categories: location, home design, materials and schedule. Location of Lot & Site Condition If you’ve been house-hunting for any length of time, you’ve noticed that the cost of the lot is a key factor in the overall price of the home. Acreage is certainly one element to determining lot prices, but that…