4 Key Factors that Affect Home Construction Costs

April 2, 2018


  “What are the factors that affect home construction costs?” is a question we get a lot from potential clients. While there are dozens of items to consider when building a home, those that affect the cost of building a home can generally be divided into four main categories: location, home design, materials and schedule. Location of Lot & Site Condition If you’ve been house-hunting for any length of time, you’ve noticed that the cost of the lot is a key factor in the overall price of the home. Acreage is certainly one element to determining lot prices, but that…

Spec Home vs. Custom Home: Pros and Cons

March 20, 2018


Building a home involves a lot of big decisions. Luckily, prospective new homeowners have options. While many people opt for custom builds, choosing a spec home is also a valid and popular choice. What Is a Spec Home? A spec home is a property that has been designed with no buyer in mind. A builder first purchases a lot and then designs and builds a home with the intent of selling it once completed. Sometimes the home is sold during construction, but more often than not, these homes will be completed before they are sold. Custom builders like to build…

Prime 1 Builders Ready To Build A Spec Home For You

March 15, 2018

Prime 1 Builders purchased a 1+ acre lot in beautiful Upper St. Clair at 1321 LESNETT ROAD PITTSBURGH 15241 MLS #1325043 Build your dream home on this 1+ acre lot, set on a private drive with only 3 other homes. Upper St Clair is a beautiful community with a great school district,  close to the city, and close to shopping and the highway. Plan shown is simply an option, we welcome your plans but we have several options with the size of the lot. Sit down with Dan Meade to create your desired home.  Current plan boost approximately 2700 square…