Laundry Room Function, Design and Future

The laundry room has seen significant changes over the years. What used to be a spot that was shut away and ignored until it was time for chores is now a multifunctional space designed to be both beautiful and efficient.

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How to Use Tile in Unexpected Ways

Tile can be a creative expression of both form and function, and its advantages reward home design professionals and homeowners alike. Because tile is available in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, styles and patterns, it’s one of the most versatile products, too. Tile is a lovely material that, because of its natural resistance to bacteria and easy-to-clean properties,

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Boost Your Home Organization This Winter

Now that the enjoyment of the holiday season is behind us, January and February are the perfect time to be more organized. Here are a few tips for decluttering your home so you can feel refreshed and ready for the year—and new decade—ahead.

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Prime 1 Project Makes Houzz 2019 List Most Popular Kitchens Top 10

We are so excited to share with our followers that a project we did with You-Neek Designs early last year was one of the top 10 kitchens most popular kitchen photos uploaded to Houzz in 2019!  A project that was designed by You-Neek Designs and was built by us early last year.  Our client’s kitchen was among the most

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Building Your Custom Home: The Construction Phase

With your home designs finalized, the financial piece in order and the preliminary selections made, now it’s time to begin construction on your custom home. This is the point where all the work we’ve done during pre-construction comes together—under one roof.

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Butcher Block Countertops: Why this Kitchen Design Trend is Hot

You can thank ‘farmhouse chic’ for making rustic styling one of the biggest trends in home design this year. Cozy, rural-themed kitchens are all the rage, and a feature for many of these designs is butcher block and wood slab countertops. These fresh-faced countertops add a classy touch to almost any kind of kitchen design, and their warm wooden

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Recent Posts

Project Story: Mt. Lebanon Addition

This Mt. Lebanon family of four needed more space, particularly Elisabeth, the mom of two teenage boys. As much as Elisabeth loved her boys, she also longed to have her own space to relax after a day of teaching without the noise of video games and teenage banter in close quarters. The answer was found in a 1,000 sq.-ft. two-story addition.

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Project Story: A Squirrel Hill Addition

Aaron and Liz loved their Squirrel Hill neighborhood. It was convenient to Aaron’s work, shopping and offered the type of atmosphere the couple wanted for raising their young family. While they absolutely loved where they lived, their home was too small, and with another child on the way, they needed to figure out a plan.

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