Sustainable and Stylish Kitchen Trends


Sustainable and Stylish Kitchen Trends

From fashion and style to cooking and electronics, every year the latest trends and must-have devices are announced, and home decorating and design are no different. As more consumers are willing to invest more into their homes for enjoyment and comfort, the newest products for the home are always highly anticipated.

However, one of the biggest concerns with integrating “the latest trends” into our homes choosing trends that won’t make the home look dated in just a few years. All of us are familiar with the pink tile bathrooms and avocado green appliances from the 60s and 70s, and most homeowners do not want to repeat those mistakes.

When Prime 1 Builders clients go through the process selecting items for their kitchen, we advise them make more timeless choices for the more expensive and harder-to-replace items, such as cabinetry and floors. That way, as home design changes, the small things can be upgraded quite easily to accommodate your newest tastes and keep you satisfied with your kitchen for years to come.

Having said that, here are a of today’s kitchen trends that we feel are full of style and has the staying power for years to come.

  • High grade laminate tiles that look like wood but have the cleanup ease of tile
  • Distressed wood paired with metal in lights and other fixtures
  • Shiny metal on cabinetry and hardware
  • Farmhouse floors (5” wide plank flooring) with a “handscraped” finish
  • Cabinetry hardware in hundreds of styles and dozens of finishes
  • Vintage lighting fixtures tastefully integrated into the room
  • Aluminum framed cabinetry doors paired with frosted glass
  • Geometric shapes used in tiles
  • Painted cabinetry
  • Innovative storage solutions that make use of every square inch of space
  • High-end appliances for the individual chef
  • Specialty appliances such as wine stations and espresso machines


What exciting new trends will you put into your new home or remodeling project this year?