Butcher Block Countertops: Why this Kitchen Design Trend is Hot


You can thank ‘farmhouse chic’ for making rustic styling one of the biggest trends in home design this year. Cozy, rural-themed kitchens are all the rage, and a feature for many of these designs is butcher block and wood slab countertops.

These fresh-faced countertops add a classy touch to almost any kind of kitchen design, and their warm wooden design provides a refreshing contrast to cool stone countertops.

Should you consider a wood slab countertop during your kitchen renovation? There are many factors to keep in mind before beginning. Below, we’ll look at some of pros and cons of this classic style to help you make that decision.

What Is a Butcher Block Countertop?

Butcher block countertops are made from a collection of wooden strips that are fused together to create the illusion of one large slab. These countertops were the usual spot for meal prep over a century ago, but today they are mostly used for their rich textures and the visual interest they bring to a design.

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Universal Design for the Bathroom


Regardless if homeowners plan to sell or stay for years, redesigning a bathroom is a common renovation most people will encounter. Bathroom design holds a key to making homes more usable for not only their present inhabitants and visitors but also future owners and generations. Designing a space with that philosophy in mind is called Universal Design.

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Building Your Custom Home Series: Simplifying the Selections Process

When you are building your home, the selection process is perhaps one of the most eagerly awaited events for our clients. This is when you finally get to pick out all of the “stuff” that goes into your homes. From faucets, lighting and exterior colors to flooring choices, bathtubs and tile, nothing is quite as exciting as seeing the details of your home come together.

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Choosing the Right Kitchen Lighting

While probably not top priority when designing your kitchen, the type of lighting you choose is an important decision – one that will affect how much you enjoy your new kitchen space.

Unfortunately, it is sometimes easy to overlook lighting until most of the budget has been eaten up by other expenses. The problem with doing this, though, is that you end up leaving one of the most important kitchen components to chance.

Proper lighting is vital to the safety and functionality of any kitchen, as well as the joy of spending time there.

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