Move Over Beige: Gray Is The New Neutral

For decades, designers and homeowners alike have chosen beige as the base color in many home interiors. But there is a new go-to neutral color in town: gray.

First seen at design shows in the late 200s, gray has been slow to gain mainstream popularity until the last couple of years. Today it can be seen in newly constructed and remodeled homes alike across North America. In fact, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association 2015 Trend Report, 77% of designers used shades of gray in designs in 2014, and they expect that trend to continue to have momentum for another three or four years.

Gray has much of the same appeal as beige. It comes in many hues, which means it can complement many different colors and design styles. It is also an earth-tones, which many homeowners desire to make their home feel more relaxing and peaceful. This makes gray a natural backdrop in home and decorating and design.

In Kitchens, homeowners are moving away from wood-stained cabinetry and are electing painted cabinetry. A white hue is often chosen because of the crisp, clean and airy feeling it provides. Gray is often found in kitchens as a well-positioned secondary color-used in stone countertops, backsplashes, wood-look flooring tiles or as an off-setting color for the island or other nook cabinetry.

Bathroom Design is using more gray, as well. From dark gray walls that accentuate the crisp white soaking tub and other bathroom fixtures, to soft gray subway tiles and flooring, this color, often considered moody, will create a sophisticated look.

Another popular space for gray inside the home is in the bedroom. Wall colors, curtains and bedding are all turning gray. People have often found the color to be soothing, earthy and minimal-which are qualities many desire after a busy day.

On The Exterior Of The Home, gray is being chosen more often in deck stains, and siding and roofing manufactures have been adding more shades of gray to their color palette as this neutral color continues to grow in popularity.

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