Organizing Tips for Around the Home



For many of us, the month of January signifies the start of new beginnings and the time to get super-organized.

There are a lot of “organizational tips” available online, especially on Pinterest, so we thought instead of inundating you with a ton of information, we’d suggest a few that caught our eye.

Organization Tips

  • Lazy Susans are a great way to keep things visible. Use one for your spices and another in the fridge.
  • Need to keep a receipt? Two ideas: 1) glue an envelope to the back of your planner and stick them in there, or 2) get a separate notebook and staple them to the pages.
  • Organize your pantry with snack stations. Use narrow plastic bins to make them easily accessible and visible (so you know when to stock up with more).
  • Take advantage of the storage bin sales that the big box stores offer all month long. But before you just stuff items into a bin, organize them and label the bin accordingly. For example, don’t just label “Christmas.” Instead, label “Christmas: Kitchen decorations.” That way, next year you know what boxes to pull for which room.
  • Spend a few hours one afternoon and organize the files on your laptop. Then make a backup of your hard drive.


Tell us: Of the hundreds of de-clutter ideas and tips, what’s your favorite? We’d love to hear!