Best Upgrades to Make When Building a House

Wondering what are the best upgrades to make when building a house? The building process involves a lot of decision-making on your part. Making the right choices about what to add during the building process and what can wait can make or break your budget, and it’s important to think ahead toward what upgrades will be worth it when it’s time to sell. Let’s look at some of the best upgrades we recommend you make when building your custom home in Pittsburgh.

What House Upgrades are Worth It?

When upgrading your home, deciding where to start and what upgrades are worth the money can be hard. Generally speaking, some of the most common house upgrades that will make a big difference in terms of comfort and value are new windows and doors, roof repairs or replacements, updated insulation and energy-efficient appliances. Additionally, investing in more aesthetic improvements such as painting or landscaping can add value to your home without necessarily costing you too much. It’s important to consider both short-term and long-term investments when upgrading your home.

Structural & Mechanical Upgrades for Your Home

Structural and mechanical upgrades are a significant consideration when building a house because you will never have a better chance to enhance these items than now. Sure, you can renovate in the future, but investing in home upgrades that are “behind the walls” instead of decorative items is always a wise choice when building a home. Structural upgrades can include anything from foundation and roof to energy efficiency items, such as a heat pump/AC unit, windows and insulation. Other items include square footage and rough-ins to accommodate future needs. Additionally, structural upgrades can help increase the value of your home and make it a more attractive option for potential buyers should you ever decide to sell in the future.

Rough-ins For Future Renovations

Even if you’re not ready to finish the basement or add a massive surround sound system to your bonus room, now’s the time to do the prep work, so you’re ahead of the game down the road. Consider any potential spaces that could be upgraded in the future, and have the right rough-ins installed now. This includes putting mechanical, electrical, or plumbing lines in place so you can easily add a bathroom later. This is often an overlooked detail that can save you thousands of dollars in renovation work. 

More Space

Since square footage is directly related to the value of a home, it’s best to maximize the size of your new build. If you can add an extra bathroom or bedroom to your new home and think you’ll need it, go for it. Not only will you be able to take advantage of the extra space — but it will also greatly boost the value to your home for when it’s time to sell.

Bigger Garage & Improving Garage Doors

Garage upgrades aren’t always available, but it’s worth the money if you get the chance. You can choose to expand its width to add additional vehicles or its length to add much-needed storage space. It’s also important to think about your cars when building your new home. Many trucks and SUVs are long and wide, so you must go for the bigger garage if you’ve got one or plan to buy one in the future. Additionally, if you plan to own an electric vehicle in future, you should invest in a charging station now while the home is building built (or at least the rough-ins).

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s typically the spot where families gather to cook, eat, and talk about their days. It also needs to be a functional space that allows for maximum storage, seating, and efficiency. An upgraded kitchen can be expensive, but it’s also one of the home’s features that adds value. In this room, consider upgrades that will increase functionality and modernize its look. This can include quartz countertops, kitchen island, taller soft-close cabinets, or high-end appliances, such as a 6-burner stove or gourmet refrigerator. And if your budget allows, consider adding ceiling fans in key rooms to circulate the air.

More and Thoughtful Lighting

When it comes to lighting, you can never have too much, especially for rooms like the kitchen or bathrooms. New construction homes come with standard lighting, but it’s wise to work with your home builder to thoughtfully add more. Well-lit homes are bright and functional, but they’re also warm and inviting, and it doesn’t take expensive light fixtures to illuminate your home. 

Storage and Organization Options

If everything in your house has a home, it makes life easier, so storage upgrades are typically worth the added price. You don’t have to choose every storage option, but pick the ones that will make your home more functional for you and your family. Consider built-in cabinet organizers for more accessible storage, or walk-in closets in more than just the primary bedroom.

Other Home Design Upgrades

There are some other areas of the home that you’ll want to consider when your home is built include:

  • A shower glass upgrade that is water and soap-scum-resistant.
  • Upgraded padding under the carpet will make your carpet feel much more luxurious and make your carpets more durable.
  • Hardwood floors, Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) or tile are standard flooring options in custom homes today.
  • Radient-heat flooring can also be a great upgrade, especially in the primary bathroom, if the budget allows it.

These smart upgrades are well worth it.

 Building a House: Additional Tips

When you’re designing your dream home, consider these tips as well:

●      Watch your budget. Every upgrade comes with additional costs, so keep an eye on your budget and give yourself an upgrade limit.

●      Avoid over-customizing. Customizations are great, but too many will make your home less appealing to future buyers. Pick the ones that you want most.

●      Ask your builder about special deals or promotions. Oftentimes builders offer free upgrades on certain items, which will greatly increase your budget.

If you’re not sure about which upgrades to choose, we’d be happy to help. Contact us and our experts at Prime 1 Builders will be honored to help you design your new home.