Project Story: Regent Square Multi-Room Addition

February 12, 2019

Our client had a dilemma that many growing families face—running out of space in their current home, and they had no desire to move. They loved the neighborhood and location, as it was right across the street from Frick Park, one of the larger parks in the city. Since the home was in an urban location with tightly spaced homes on small lots, it only allowed us to build on a small footprint. The plan called for adding more first floor living space that included a kitchen/dining room and family room, and a second-floor master bedroom suite. An additional requirement…

Project Story: Duplex Style Townhomes Built on Eutaw Street, Pittsburgh

January 23, 2019

These 1,800 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathroom duplex-style townhomes were built on a city infill lot with a steep grade change from front to rear.

Organizing Tips for Around the Home

January 9, 2019


  For many of us, the month of January signifies the start of new beginnings and the time to get super-organized. There are a lot of “organizational tips” available online, especially on Pinterest, so we thought instead of inundating you with a ton of information, we’d suggest a few that caught our eye. Organization Tips Lazy Susans are a great way to keep things visible. Use one for your spices and another in the fridge. Need to keep a receipt? Two ideas: 1) glue an envelope to the back of your planner and stick them in there, or 2) get…