Organizing Tips for Around the Home

January 9, 2019


  For many of us, the month of January signifies the start of new beginnings and the time to get super-organized. There are a lot of “organizational tips” available online, especially on Pinterest, so we thought instead of inundating you with a ton of information, we’d suggest a few that caught our eye. Organization Tips Lazy Susans are a great way to keep things visible. Use one for your spices and another in the fridge. Need to keep a receipt? Two ideas: 1) glue an envelope to the back of your planner and stick them in there, or 2) get…


January 7, 2019


We would like to extend a personal invitation to you and your family for our Log & Timber Home Planning & Construction Seminar being held on Saturday, April 6, 2019. The event will be held from 9 AM – 2 PM. at Timberhaven’s corporate facility in Middleburg, PA (just one hour north of Harrisburg). Throughout the day you will gain a better understanding of the design and building process, from concept through construction. Our experienced staff will take you on a tour of our facility and will demonstrate how we laminate and test our engineered logs, profile, pre-drill and cut logs to…

Universal Design in the Kitchen

January 2, 2019


  Whether you are building a traditional custom home or a timber or log home, there are many considerations to think about and decisions to be made – including Universal Design elements. While it is not strictly for the handicapped, Universal Design can be of great benefit for someone who has mobility and accessibility issues. What is Universal Design? Universal Design is design that is suited for all family members. No matter what the age or ability, universal design elements ensure that all family members can effectively use the space. When we begin designing a space with Universal Design in…