Grill Maintenance

September 11, 2020


No matter what the seasons, it’s always a good time to grill. Here are some tips to keep your barbeque clean – and safe – throughout the year. Clean lightly after every use by turning the heat on high until the grill no longer smokes from burning the food residue (approximately 10 minutes). The remaining grease and food particles will turn to ash and be easier to remove. Scrub the grilling grates with a steel grill brush. This is easier to accomplish when the grates are still warm from the previous step. For more thorough cleaning, use a sponge with…

Managing Your Energy Use and Cost

June 16, 2020


As families are spending more time at home, they will probably notice that they are using more energy than they typically do. Here are a few recommendations we have so you can conserve energy and keep electric bills manageable. Turn off lights when not in use. Devices that are plugged into an outlet can still use a small amount of energy, even when they are not turned on. Connect multiple devices such as phone chargers, laptops and tablets into a power strip that can be turned on and off. Add weather stripping or caulking to windows, doors or other area…

Kitchen Storage: Now and Later

May 27, 2020


Is it important to have an organized kitchen? This is a question that many of us have asked—and answered—these last few months. As we adjusted to a new stay-at-home work/school environment, we have experienced just how functional our home truly is. The kitchen has long been the hub of the home. But as this space continues to be asked to do more, we are seeing how the kitchen plays a vital role in the overall health of our home’s ecosystem. And the more organized it is (based on each family’s needs), the better it functions. Here are a few of…