New Design Trends for 2016

January 11, 2016

16 Interior Design Trends You’ll Definitely See in 2016

Building a Home for Bennett

December 17, 2015

A great story about a wonderful family and their journey and we are a part of it! Read the full story or pick up the January edition of Pittsburgh Magazine to read the story and see the beautiful photos.  You can visit our gallery to view the pictures as well.  Read More

Universal Design Concepts for the Kitchen

November 12, 2015

Universal Design in the Kitchen Some consumers are confused about what Universal Design is. While it is not strictly for the handicapped, Universal Design can be of great benefit for someone who has mobility and accessibility issues.   What is Universal Design? Universal Design is design that is suited for all family members. No matter what the age or ability, it ensures that all family members can effectively use the space.   When we begin designing a space with Universal Design in mind, we think about how effortlessly and easily a task can be done. The goal is to minimize…